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JHQ is a manufacturer of products
that enrich people’s lives, including health, beauty,
and outdoor products.

Information on our products

At JHQ, we hope that people’s enjoyable lives and rich environment will continue in the future.
With the technology and know-how that we have cultivated over many years,
we coninue to develop, create and provide health, beauty, and outdoor products to enrich your daily lives.

teppan multi griddle

A multi griddle with excellent functionality

The non-stick coating makes cleaning up easy and stress-free.
It’s very lightweight and easy to carry. No seasoning required.

Easy care
Special Innoble coating processing
Non-stick and easy to clean
All-purpose pan
With high thermal conductivity, it can be used for grilling and frying,
as well as simmering, pot and deep-frying.
IH compatible
Teppan Multi Griddle 33cm is also compatible with various IH cooking devices.
You can enjoy the camping atmosphere with iron plate cuisine at home.

Hydrogen Water Plus

Hydrogen water that makes your body happy

Hydrogen water generator.
It generates hydrogen water with a high hydrogen concentration of over 1000ppb in about 3 minutes.
It can also be attached to a plastic bottle, allowing you to easily consume hydrogen water.
You can take it with you wherever you go,
so you can easily generate and drink hydrogen water anytime and anywhere, even at work or while traveling.

Hydrogen water generator