JHQ – Company Profile

Company Profile

Corporate Philosophy

  • We create a “good health and bright future” for our customers.
  • We connect “patience” to growth and perform work that gives “gratitude” to our customers.
  • We all unite and make our dreams come true.

“Thank you” to people. “Excitement” to people. “Inspiration” to people.

Company Profile

Company name
JHQ Co., Ltd.
June 2015
3-1-11 Osano, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture 818-0134

Business details

  • Development, manufacturing, sales and import/export operations of hydrogen water related products
  • Development, manufacturing, sales, and import/export operations of beauty-related products such as mask packs
  • Development, manufacturing, sales, and import/export operations of hot/cold water circulating mat related products
  • Contract work and provision of services related to the manufacture and sale of other companies’ products
  • Manufacturing, sales, and import/export of daily necessities
  • Various consulting services
  • Interpretation and translation services
  • General worker dispatch business
  • Specified worker dispatch business
  • Paid employment placement business
  • Any business incidental to or related to each of the above items