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Teppan Multi Griddle

Teppan Multi Griddle

Teppan Multi Griddle - Deep type

As the deep type, which is about 4cm deep in the center, can hold food and about 1L of water, it is suitable not only for stir-fried dishes, but also for cooking with a lot of water such as paella and hot pot without worrying about boiling over.
High thermal conductivity brings out the flavor of the ingredients and makes them delicious.

In addition, the number of grooves on the back of the main body has increased to 12, making it compatible with various trivets.


Diameter 29cm

Product NameTeppan Multi Griddle
Model numberMT0206FJ
Sizeapprox. 35cm (length including handle) x approx. 29cm x approx. 6cm (height including handle)
Thicknessapprox. 4mm
Depthapprox. 4cm
Weightapprox. 720g
MaterialTeppan Multi Griddle: aluminum alloy, Wooden grip: black walnut
Coatinginnoble coating
Accessorieswooden grip, trivet, storage case
Compatible heat sourcegas, IH cooking machine, direct fire, charcoal fire, radiant heater, ceramic heater, halogen heater

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